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Meet The Team

Madeline Dunlap


"Hey YALL! My name is Madeline Dunlap, founder of TheraPEDS and a pediatric occupational therapist. I moved to Las Vegas in 2012 with my husband, Ryan Dunlap who was in the Air Force. I received my undergraduate from UNLV in 2013 and in 2016, I received my Master's degree in occupational therapy from Touro University Nevada. I worked at a Children's hospital in Las Vegas, Sunrise Hospital, and was exposed to various diagnoses in both the medical setting of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) as well as Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) discharge program in the outpatient setting. Additionally, I did pediatric home health in Las Vegas and worked with a variety of medically fragile children as well as children with various diagnoses which led me to develop this mobile business, TheraPEDS. I want to make therapy easily accessible to those in need and be able to cut out the hassle of clinic schedules. I am excited to be back in my hometown in Saline County to serve all children in need and be apart of this growing community."

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